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     Major gift will support the construction of a new Center for Living at Florida Hospital.

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     A two-year study of healthy elders’ consumption of walnuts finds otherwise.

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     Health improvement program creates community buzz in Fiji.

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     Health-care institution is first in its county to fix mitral valve regurgitation without surgery.

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     More than 6,800 receive free medical care at an Adventist mega-clinic in Texas.

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     At Loma Linda, program aims to create positive attitudes toward health-care professions.

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     Florida Hospital partners with an app that rewards patients who follow prescriptions.

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     They could lead to serious, long-term lung damage, specialist says.

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     Recently trained coordinators will pass along insights to church members.    According to recent studies, the number of patients with mental health issues has grown significantly around the world in the past few years. Researchers see this issue becoming one of the

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     Loma Linda votes to create the Resiliency Institute for Childhood Adversity.

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     Project seeks help of the local Adventist college to improve community health.

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     Historical and philosophical overview discussed in peer-reviewed journal publication.

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