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     The call to proclaim the message of Jesus is certainly not a call to popularity.

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     What is it about this Adventist tradition that keeps people attending each year?

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     Celebrating Adventism’s history of social engagement

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     A Story of Perseverance tells the story of the challenges, joys of the church’s UK pioneers.

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     Elizabeth Moses’ grandfather accepted the Adventist message through literature evangelists.

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     ‘Blue Zone’ pioneer and cardiologist kept operating into his 90s.

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     On 70th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, ADRA Europe makes a strong statement.

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     ‘’Til He Comes’ grave marker is a witnessing opportunity, leaders say.

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     World War I officially ended on November 11, 1918.

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     Breakfast cereal is manufactured by Adventist health-food factory in Australia.

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     In Battle Creek, mission stories focus on those who lost their lives in the mission field.

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     Following the 70th anniversary celebrations of the Inter-European Division media center Stimme der Hoffnung (SdH) in Alsbach-H?hnlein, Germany,Adventist World associate editor Gerald Klingbeil spoke with SdH CEO Klaus Popa about the future of the ministry, Adventist

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