"Transforming Worldviews” event asks hard questions, attempts answers.

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     Event draws hundreds of health-care leaders from 44 countries.

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  4 lesson of Sabbath School was added: The Key to Unity

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  13 lesson of Sabbath School was added: Journey To Rome

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     New partnership seeks to increase assistance, resources to the visually impaired.

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     Event gathers faithful voices advocating for freedom and equality.

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     Adventist leaders in Australia affirm church stance in the wake of government inquiry.

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     Creators say ‘The Mysterious Note’ is useful for fundraising and to reach the community.

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     South Pacific region focuses on intentional leader development across the region.

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     Adventist Mission director Gary Krause discusses mission development.

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     New worship center strives to satisfy the needs of the people in innovative ways.

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     Events will focus on connecting Adventist students in public universities for mission.

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