Findings show that even limited consumption may increase the risk of death.

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     E. G. White Estate’s Alberto Timm shares about his recent distressing night during a cyclone in Mozambique.

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      Emmanuel-Brinklow church is serving its county, state, and beyond.

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     Weimar Institute students shared lifestyle research based on Adventist principles.

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     Union College team was on study assignment in the country when Cyclone Idai struck.

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     Any response would seem insulting . . . like tossing pennies at Jeff Bezos.

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     The call to proclaim the message of Jesus is certainly not a call to popularity.

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     The volunteer-driven and privately sponsored project assists families in need.

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     Activities are part of the Total Member Involvement initiative in the country.

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     ‘One Vision’ has given greater visibility to Stanborough Park Adventist church.

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     In 2019, six Adventist physicians were among the top ten in the country.

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     Accrediting agency affirms the school’s Adventist legacy of health and service.

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