Divided by conflict in the past, they covered 230 miles together to Pastors’ Council.

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     Adventist Church president says, "This is one of the most unique projects that I have visited in a long time.”

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     I’ve only been a missionary for six months so far, and I love it! There is nothing more thrilling than seeing a life change through God’s power. To Sabbath School teachers: This story is for Sabbath, Sept. 8.

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     When did you hear the term "sin” the last time? We do not talk much about it any longer. If you make a mistake society would suggest not to admit it. You could possibly damage your feeling of self-worth or others could turn against you, some would argue. Therefore, mistakes

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     But for the grace of God, there is no reason for him to be alive, Joshua Holly says.

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     Acknowledge, respect, and obey God. That’s the only recipe for a life worth living.

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     Creation is so important that God demands one-seventh of our lives, every week without exception, to remember it.

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     Agreement seeks to strengthen ministry efforts online, fight disinformation.

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     Ninety-eight percent of Karen Adventist Church members in Minnesota are refugees.

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     Attendees from six countries shared traumatic stories from the field.

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     Mark 7:15-19 belongs to those passages that are easily misunderstood. People argue that Jesus did away with the food laws and "declared all foods clean.” Mark 7:1-23 reports that Jesus’ disciples were eating bread without having washed their hands. Such behavior was against

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     When Pharisees accused the disciples of plucking ears of grain on the Sabbath, Luther notes that Christ defended them, "thereby violating the Sabbath, and said: ‘The Sabbath does not concern Me. I am its Lord, and the Sabbath cannot lord it over Me’ (Matt. 12:1-8). Thus we see

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