University’s aviation students can now save 500 hours of flight training.

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      Funds collected more than double the supporting ministry’s original goal.

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     In Manaus, homeless residents benefit from donations and help from volunteers.

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     Social relationships draw young people to Bible study and church in Australia.

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     How to find God’s purpose for you in the New Year.    The beginning of the year is often very exciting for Christians. It is a time when many are still filled with joy because of their celebrations of the Gift God has given us through Jesus Christ. It is also a

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     VR+AI Lab includes virtual reality headset and powerful graphics computers.

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     Annual IAD Bible Connections event is called life-changing for young people.

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     ‘Blue Zone’ pioneer and cardiologist kept operating into his 90s.

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     ‘Once Upon a Deadpool’ ad borrows image of Jesus created by Anderson for LDS Church

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     Season 4 of ‘Life on the Line’ premieres December 19.

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     Event seen as the first step for residents to know more about church programs.

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     Newly equipped van will allow for live broadcasting anywhere across the country.

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