Northern Asia Adventists hold first Youth, Children, Education Summit

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     Communion and mission go together, regional pastors are reminded.

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     "Why live,” said an advertisement for an early American undertaker, "when you can be buried for 10 dollars?”

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     Youth Bible study group impressed to go out and assist newcomers.

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     Celebrating Adventism’s history of social engagement

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     Sanitarium sponsors campaign promoting healthy habits in children.

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     The facilities include a gym, a vegetarian restaurant, a playground, and a chapel.

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     Volunteer-driven mobile clinic will travel across the nation to reach out to communities.

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     Adventists among the invited at the annual event.

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     Coronary artery conditions are still the leading cause of death in the United States.

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     Project bolsters focus on comprehensive outreach, leaders and volunteers say.

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     Church offices and institutions are closed; ADRA volunteers assisting relief efforts.

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