30,000 members gather in a stadium for an event of praise, thanksgiving.

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     Sulawesi disaster has so far resulted in more than 1,400 dead.

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     In British Virgin Islands, Adventist pastor calls residents to keep trusting God.

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     "It takes only one person who is faithful and surrendered,” says Huan*, 75.

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     Humanitarian agency distributes water treatment equipment to fight off diseases.

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     What is your risk tolerance for the gospel of our Savior?

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     Tragedy on Lake Victoria claimed the lives of at least 224 people.

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     Most urgent needs include baby food, emergency tents, blankets, and clean water.

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     Douglas Silva explains his work in ministering to the hearing impaired.

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     "Daddy, what happened?” Peace asked. "You are coming home early. You are now a different person.” Thousands of children are homeless in South Sudan. A girl named Peace Evelyn Joseph sometimes saw them on the street when Father picked her up at the airport.

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     I saw three lives changed by the Pathway to Health free mega clinic in Fort Worth, Texas. The woman was grinning from ear to ear.

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     North American Summit on Abuse underscores accountability, victims’ support.

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