Adventist Health System’s Conference on Mission 2018 focuses on whole-person care.

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     More than 6,800 receive free medical care at an Adventist mega-clinic in Texas.

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     Escape Game i9teen seeks to stir an interest in unraveling mysteries of the end time.

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     Following the 70th anniversary celebrations of the Inter-European Division media center Stimme der Hoffnung (SdH) in Alsbach-H?hnlein, Germany,Adventist World associate editor Gerald Klingbeil spoke with SdH CEO Klaus Popa about the future of the ministry, Adventist

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     I Will Go Too 3.0 event provides training, encouragement to mission-minded students.

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     Satellite schools, agricultural program among the new offers.    Two Seventh-day Adventist academies in the U.S. state of Colorado are exploring ways to innovate and extend their influence in their surrounding communities and beyond. Mile High Academy in Highlands

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     Local church region and Muslim leaders meet for fellowship, respectful exchanges.

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    Digital Week highlights internet potential, opportunities for evangelism.

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     At Loma Linda, program aims to create positive attitudes toward health-care professions.

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     In the British Virgin Islands, Adventists march against violence and abuse.

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     In Australia’s largest city, women also collect funds for drought-stricken farmers.

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     Florida Hospital partners with an app that rewards patients who follow prescriptions.

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