A pastor shares a creative way he reengages teens and youth in Bible study.

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     Local church-driven project provides hot meals every week.    What began in 2017 as an idea to feed a group of Venezuelan migrants in Colombia turned into an ongoing project that has mobilized Seventh-day Adventists to feed more than 18,000 more people.

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     Korean Adventist women leaders are trained on "The Rules of Relationship.”

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     Simultaneous evangelistic meetings are part of a plan to reverse that trend.    After seeing a dismal church growth rate in the past five decades, Seventh-day Adventists in Taiwan are committed to reversing that trend and supporting evangelistic efforts across the

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     ADRA is monitoring the situation as Cyclone Fani makes landfall.

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     New Agriculture Education Center will be built as funds become available.

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     Several top leaders in that Caribbean island nation are Seventh-day Adventists.

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     The volunteers pledged to connect with other women through small-group Bible study.

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     The national government is suing the Adventist Church over its privatization of a school.

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     Jesus’ work in the heavenly sanctuary takes the spotlight in Brazil.

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     In Canada, scientists, educators, and theologians open up to God’s handiwork.

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     World church leaders affirm the official statement voted in 1972.

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