In the Philippines, Adventist scholars discuss state of affairs, suggest a way forward.

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     New Adventist station will reach 60 percent of the South Pacific nation’s population.

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     One psychiatrist will replace another as division Health Ministries director.

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     In C?te d’Ivoire, church leaders donate benches to relieve overcrowded schools.

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     For many, our Thanksgiving holiday is inextricably tied to the image of Pilgrims dining with Native Americans, feasting on turkey, squash, and corn on the cob. Historically the event took place in 1621 near Plymouth, Massachusetts. Pilgrims gathered with their Native American

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     Even when things look broken, God is powerful enough to create something new.

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     In Norway, leadership conference challenges participants to refocus, innovate.

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     North America Adventist Chaplaincy Ministries highlights sacrifice on Veterans Day.

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     Loma Linda University body has been serving the community and the church since 1984.

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     Portuguese and Spanish editions illustrate key concepts from the book of Revelation.

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     Animated Film ‘Truth’ receives one award from two nominations.

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     Initiative is a nod to Adventists’ longstanding efforts on behalf of youth.

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