But God isn’t jealous,” my friend huffed with obvious frustration. We were discussing the way to God and eternal bliss. He believed there were many ways to God. As a Christian, I told him that was impossible. The only way to God is through Jesus, I’d said.

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     QUESTION: The Bible often speaks about the rewards God gives to His believers; does that not encourage a wrong motivation for serving Him?

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     The word "propitiation” is not a word we use in everyday language. It’s a special word that Paul uses in reference to the sanctuary service:

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     New film helps us to see an old biblical promise in a new light.

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     At Berlin’s Waldfriede hospital, more than 350 women have received medical attention.    More than 350 victims of female genital mutilation (FGM) have received medical attention at the Desert Flower Center (DFC) located in the Waldfriede Adventist hospital in

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     Volunteers will sleep in hammocks on a boat for two weeks while finishing the project.

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     It became Him for whom are all things, and by whom are all things, in the redemption of the world to save sinners by the blood of the Lamb. The great sacrifice of the Son of God was neither too great nor too small to accomplish the work. In the wisdom of God it was complete; and

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     Why the 70 weeks prophetic period began in 457 B.C.? In the first year of Darius the Mede (538 B.C.), Daniel, the prophet and Babylonian court official, set about offering up to God earnest prayers on behalf of the exiles from Judah.

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     Should we be scared? Or filled with hope? Seventh-day Adventists speak about a pre-Advent judgment (some prefer the term "investigative judgment”) taking place right now in the heavenly sanctuary. This judgment, as we understand it, represents the second and final phase of

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     Francois du Plessis fell in love with archaeology in Lebanon 1966 when he saw an ancient Phoenician sarcophagus, and his passion for Biblical research continues today.

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     Dish is popular for Seventh-day Adventists in North America and elsewhere.

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     Loma Linda University Medical Center welcomes class with eye-opening activity.

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