An explosion of digital fireworks accompanied Alyssa Vega as she marched across the stage to receive her diploma from the School of Nursing of Loma Linda University (LLU) during commencement June 10. Vega became the School of Nursing's milestone 10,000thgraduate in addition to

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     The Seventh-day Adventist Church recently opened a new daycare and community center in Bad Aibling, Bavaria, Germany. In a festive inauguration ceremony followed by an open house, the local congregation also celebrated the opening of renovated premises. The "Haus Wittelsbach"

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     On February 10, 2018, Seventh-day Adventist churches in Sweden celebrated the official premiere of Hope Channel Sweden. Rather than having a grand opening ceremony at some fancy media center, the celebration was held across all the local congregations.

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     When anti-government demonstrations began in March 2011 in Syria, what ensued was violent government crackdown and armed opposition groups fighting back. Syria's ongoing war has left an estimated 6.5 million people without homes in the country, and more than five million people

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     Ellen White's writings have been a blessing to me. Millions of people around the world can probably say the same. Nevertheless, both her claim to divine inspiration and her refusal to have her writings added to the biblical canon have sometimes created in me a certain uneasiness

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     The fifth-annual Camp Sibiryaki for young men, aged 13-17, was recently held in Novosibirsk. Participants from Kemerovo, Barnaul, Topchikhi, Kamen-na-Obi, Novoaltaysk and Novosibirsk came together to not only learn to communicate better, but also to develop in different areas.

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     Murray Barracks Seventh-day Adventist church in Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea, conducted a mini-health expo on Sunday, June 3.    Based on the NEWSTART lifestyle program, the day-long event was held in the main gymnasium at the local army barracks, with attendees

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     Yes, ancient Hebrews lived in a pre-scientific age. So what?    I just read a book by two Seventh-day Adventists . . . (ostensibly). The subtext of their text? Scientists claim that a global flood as depicted in Scripture could not have happened; ergo, a global

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     Reading groups led by average people are making an impact in the South Pacific.    Impie rented a room from a retired Seventh-day Adventist couple. Working as a kitchen hand in a local restaurant, Impie was attracted by the fact the advert said the renter had to be

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     Behavioral expert at Adventist healthcare institution shares some tips.    Glenn Scott wants you to think about an ice-cold can of your favorite soda. Now shake it up. When you pop the can top, the soda explodes out of the can.

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     Adventists walk, bike, skate, and even sail to reach both urban and isolated residents.    Seventh-day Adventist members deployed across two populous urban centers and many small communities of the northern Brazilian States of Pará, Amapá e Maranhão,

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