The 2019 J.P. Morgan event underscored the Adventist focus on wholeness.

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     Australian dad is one of the six fathers featured in inter-cultural documentary.

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     Members in the Burundian Army church now about 200.

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     Annual event will be broadcast online from Jamaica; world church leaders will attend.

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     ADRA Europe director reflects on what has been and what he’s looking forward to.

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     Surgeon shortlisted for a prize recognizing significant contributions.

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     The Blair family legacy that began around 1910 spans four generations of church health care workers.

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     Assisting a blind man living in a closet brings unexpected rewards.

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     That simple ignorant prayer opened the door for the Lord to approach me in a very direct and powerful manner.

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     Adventist interpreter supports first-time deaf parents.

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     Non-invasive heart procedure is a first in the area.

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     On Religious Freedom Day, local faith and civic leaders gather at NAD headquarters.

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