They vow to make a difference in a territory with just a fledgling congregation.

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     He fails and ends up planting a church in Ethiopia.    Haile Magicho Sendeno was a super-smart boy.    He finished sixth grade in only half a year. Then he finished seventh grade in the second half of the year. The teachers were so impressed that they

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     Carlos Ortiz Garc?a made the commitment 24 days before his 104th birthday.

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     In Rwanda, church members and friends called to uphold freedom of conscience.

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     Disaster Response unit is working with other relief agencies, local governments.

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     European media center Stimme der Hoffnung celebrates landmark anniversary.

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     All Africa Congress makes call to value and protect "most basic freedom.”

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     In Australia, art-minded residents respond to church pastor’s initiative.    Happiness is the theme of the inaugural Ashrei art exhibition currently running at Woollahra Seventh-day Adventist Church in Woollahra, New South Wales, Australia.

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     Large numbers of people on three continents face hardship in the aftermath.

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     Category 5 storm Mangkhut hit Luzon on September 15; millions are affected.

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     Samuel stared in astonishment at the blackened, smoking hedge in Rwanda. Eleven-year-old Samuel Ndagijimana saw that his cousins were growing tobacco on their farm in southern Rwanda.

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     A small plane flew over the camp, interrupting the sounds of the day and drawing the attention of the people below. The Samburu people are a semi-nomadic group who live in remote areas of East Africa, shepherding their livestock and roaming the land. For years, sharing the

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