Minnesota Conference team provides revival meetings in 45 villages.

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     Hearts are touched as California local church team blesses a family in need.

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     After exchanging names and answering the hitchhiker’s inevitable first question, "How far ya goin’?” the new rider followed with another one, considerably less inevitable: "Do you want a free Bible course?”

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     "It’s all about saving lives,” say U.S.-based Adventist Health Hanford professionals.

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     Something as simple as tippy-taps are making a big sanitation difference in rural areas.

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     Author explains how Loma Linda Adventists eat, exercise, pay tithe, and save.    One of the top business magazines in the United States recently published a story on Seventh-day Adventists and their relation to health and money.

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     It bears the name of long-time biblical archaeologist Lawrence T. Geraty.

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     According to unofficial estimates, the facilities have lodged and supported around 2,000 women.

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     Meet Heidi Burke, as the Adventist Church celebrates "Special Needs Ministries Sabbath.”

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     Adventist leader Ted N. C. Wilson gives him an impromptu Bible study during official visit.

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     From Mexico to Venezuela, thousands of Adventist youth spend one week camping.

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     April 27, 2019, is the annual designated Special Needs Awareness Sabbath.

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