Adventist Church destroyed, Adventist hospital and elementary school damaged in the fire.

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     Initiative is offered through volunteer program ‘ADRA Connections’

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     Fifth Congress draws more than 100 entrepreneurs and church leaders in Lviv.

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     In Denmark, regional Adventist communicators meet for training, updates.

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     New site helps individuals to tackle Bible prophecy study with confidence, support.

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     Initiative took place outside the headquarters of the Adventist Church in Inter-America.

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     The committee assigned with the task of crafting the response took suggestions from delegates, studied Scripture during process.

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     Shooting took place not far from the Adventist Church’s Pacific Union Conference headquarters.

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       "We did sustain some damage” but extent is unknown at the moment

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     Leaders have expectations for the new building, the largest in Vanuatu.

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     Dick Stenbakken is a former Chaplaincy Ministries director of the world church.

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     World War I officially ended on November 11, 1918.

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