More church buildings are becoming host sites to serve an increasing viewership.

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     After starting near the rear, the group finished close to the front of the 2,000-cyclist event.

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     Adventists appeal for prayer after deadly bombing.

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     Parade served to promote Adventist Church campaign to end violence against women.    Traffic in the main street of Nuku?alofa, Tonga’s capital, came to a halt on the morning of April 18, 2019, as a parade involving 600 Seventh-day Adventist women from around the

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     "Our hearts go out to the grieving families,” says Ted Wilson

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     Christ’s resurrection is a preview of His return.    The night of the first day of the week had worn slowly away. The darkest hour, just before daybreak, had come. Christ was still a prisoner in His narrow tomb. The great stone was in its place; the Roman seal was

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     Local leader credited with empowering young people across ethnic and religious groups.

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     So what was there before the Big Bang if there were no "before” the Big Bang to begin with?

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     That’s the way it always is with sin: the moment we sin we negatively affect all our relationships.

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     In March 2019, several disasters caused thousands of deaths and left many more displaced.

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     Interest in Adventist pharmacy worker’s suit continues to grow.

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     God has promised to give us strength from above in the hour of trial, and He is faithful.

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