Amilton dos Santos Cerqueira shows perseverance, goes beyond what eyes can see.

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     Intentional outreach initiative was launched territory-wide through an online program.

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     Elizabeth Moses’ grandfather accepted the Adventist message through literature evangelists.

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     Brazil’s Maranata Club includes a sign language interpreter and sign language courses.

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     The team is a community outreach program operated by Loma Linda University Health.

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     In Tschela, Democratic Republic of Congo, a congregation and school open doors.

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     Camporee becomes a transforming opportunity for young people in New Zealand.

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     A Christmas-season volunteer service on a bridge is credited with saving lives.

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     Nearly a million members were baptized across the region in the past three years.

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     Adventists will provide training, support to foster a whole-person view of health.

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     The young men drowned at sea just before the new year.

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     New youth choir making steps to reach in, reach out.

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