Church members are planning to use technology to build bridges with the community.    Members of Seventh-day Adventist congregations in Nicosia, Cyprus — aged 9 to almost 90 — spent the April 5-7, 2019, weekend learning more about both the theology and the

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     Learning the routine is preparing local members to reach out and serve the community.

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     Eleven Maranatha teams work to support local churches and surrounding communities.

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     11-year-old girl can now start living a healthy life, medical team said.

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     A Union College student club is assisting disaster response efforts.

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     Local church members and ADRA Colombia are making efforts to help those in need.

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     A comprehensive health ministry must include the promotion of mental health.

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     North American community outreach ministry signs agreement with U.S. federal agency.

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     An organization run by two people is changing thousands across the South Pacific.

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     The demographic group also showed lower BMI and reduced inflammation, study says.

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     In Bosnia and Herzegovina, members are working to relaunch a church lost in the Balkans War.

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     More than 1.1 million have crossed into the country in recent weeks.

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