Its goal is to connect radio contacts with Bible study and discipleship options.

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     Event seen as a response and a statement against religious hatred.

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     Project has focused on tobacco control and support for smoking cessation programs.

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     Delegates express both support and concern for the implications of the motion.

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     Day 4 of the 2018 North American Division Year-End Meeting holds discussion on voted GC document, receives reports from NAD ministries and partners.

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     NAD Executive Secretary calls on church, when in turmoil, to look to Jesus, the only one in control.

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     Day 2 of the 2018 North American Division Year-End Meeting begins and ends with thoughts on evangelism and the mission of the church.

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     In partnership with Hope Channel, the region is working to build capacity, ramp up production.

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     National leaders say the Adventist Church is essential to promoting a healthy lifestyle.

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     Discussion at Annual Council shows need for awareness of biblical ethics within church governance.

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     Daniel R. Jackson, NAD president, emphasizes working together to fulfill the mission of the Church.

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     God will make it right. No, He’ll make it perfect; because He is perfect.

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