Joseph Bates’ childhood home is teaching people about the Sabbath. A 276-year-old wooden house in the U.S. state of Massachusetts is proclaiming the seventh-day Sabbath and Jesus’ soon coming to hundreds of visitors every year, and the number is expected to soar following

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     Adventist supporting ministry plans to build churches and schools across the nation.

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     The Adventist team also connects with astronauts at the International Space Station.

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     Give credit where it is due.

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     In Morocco, Adventist Review Ministries finds partners for one-of-a-kind production.

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     General Conference directors to visit historical sites in Adventist Church history. The young boy watched with fascination as the sun shone through the church window on Sabbaths and caused the black-wool suits of visiting elderly ministers to shine green.

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     An Adventist from Myanmar shares how he survived persecution, prison, and slavery.

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     Fourteen Mapuche communities benefit from a health-care institution initiative.

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     A glimpse into some of the amazing developments in the Adventist Church in Vanuatu.

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     Facility will lodge parents whose children need in-patient care in nearby hospital.

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     Southeastern Pacific island benefits from mission trip to support members, residents.

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     Comments made after an apparent murder-suicide involving a church member.

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