Shouldn’t Jesus be the center of our message from Revelation?

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     A pastor in Estonia shares how she used social media to pray for others.

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     The bill passed in November 2018 was awaiting the presidential signature.

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     Natural disaster resulted in hundreds of casualties.

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     Adventist humanitarian and outreach organizations sponsor holiday event in Manaus.

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     Church representatives meet with government officials in Fiji, other island nations.

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     Innovative physician transformed the way some cancers are treated.

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     C?rdenas church building was inaugurated by Maranatha in 2017.

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     Evangelism and community outreach initiatives are attracting immigrants, leaders said.

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     Some months ago, I accepted an invitation from Pastor Derek Morris, president of Hope Channel International, to participate in a Hope Channel Partnership Weekend for December 7 and 8, 2018, at Ridgecrest Retreat Center just outside of Asheville, North Carolina. Hope Channel

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     Treatments, awareness of heart disease have increased; challenges remain.

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     Just in 2018, missionary vessel planted five new churches in coastal communities.

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