Every week, one Adventist school in Australia takes students to play in the bush.

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     Leaders share what is working to keep members in church and engaged.

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     Joint initiative will train and qualify professors and research center directors.

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     The inmates were escorted to church by correctional officers, who witnessed the ceremony.

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     Nurture and Retention Summit presentations showcase methods for reclaiming former members.

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     World church treasurer highlights what he called "God’s ongoing blessings.”

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     Global Nurture and Retention Summit starts with a first-person life story and probing questions.

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     A new drilled water well benefits children, staff, and surrounding villages.

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     Adventists aren’t immune to the allure of fake news.

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     What are the benefits of a diet emphasizing simplicity and plant-based nutrition?

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     The experiences of the ill-fated aircraft bring some life lessons for the rest of us.

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     Adventist leaders strategize ways to equip members to work with people from other world religions.

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