Why we need to talk about pastoral burnout, depression, and even suicide.

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     I was 17-years-old, a senior in high school, in Miami Beach, in the 1970s.  I hustled, parking cars at hotels and restaurants that lined the island like a broken piano keyboard. Mile after mile of concrete, steel, and glass pulsating with packets of rational flesh crying

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     QUESTION: What is the meaning of the phrase "under the law" in Romans 6:14, 15?*    ANSWER: The phrase is used by Paul in the two verses you mention to establish a connection between a particular understanding of the law in relation to sin and grace, and to

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     Recently trained coordinators will pass along insights to church members.    According to recent studies, the number of patients with mental health issues has grown significantly around the world in the past few years. Researchers see this issue becoming one of the

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     Special event in the Philippines adds to annual forum of the Asian Theological Society.

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     James was confused to see the word "Sabbath” in the Bible. Twelve-year-old James Kiangua liked carrying the backpack for the priest as they walked from village to village in Papua New Guinea.

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     Paige Phillips Parnell read a copy of The Great Controversy stored in her attic for 34 years.

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     Manger Music is one of the most watched Bangladesh Christian groups on YouTube.

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     The indigenous notion of vanua makes sharing the Adventist message more difficult.

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     New Zealand girl learns about the power of prayer. Ten-year-old Grace liked playing tag with her friends in a big field across the street from her home on the outskirts of New Zealand’s biggest city, Auckland.

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     Loma Linda votes to create the Resiliency Institute for Childhood Adversity.

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     Stephen Moe Tha Po, a Karen refugee, becomes a pastor and church planter.

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