The move is one more step in recent church developments across the nation.

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     Nine-day Faith and Science Conference draws a diverse group in Rwanda

29-12-2018 87 0 Read more

     Special Needs Symposium highlights the potential of people living with disabilities.

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     There are times for sleeping and times for being awake.

28-12-2018 60 0 Read more

     How do we make peace among us?

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     Our pioneers first identified in print the second beast as the United States in 1851.

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     The meaning of Christmas has evolved since the birth of the Christ child a couple millennia ago.

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     "It’s the most wonderful time of the year.” Then again, sometimes it’s not.

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     Annual Christmas employee initiative provides residents with healthy food and other items.

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     Adventist University of France hosts UN-supported "Faith for Rights” discussion.

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     Adventist initiative seeks to support efforts of improving overall eating patterns.

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