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Phillip Sizemore - No Excuses (Watch online and download)

Phillip Sizemore - No Excuses (Watch online and download)Phillip Sizemore - No Excuses (Watch online and download)

   Do you ever find yourself bored with Bible study? Are you bogged down in the "begats”? In this message, Phillip Sizemore shares some of the things he does to keep his personal devotional and Bible study time interesting. How to start? The first thing you must have is a Bible. The second thing you need for the study is a concordance. Thirdly, you need a colored cord and a pencil. Last but not least, you must start every Bible study with prayer. Some think you need to be an intellectual to understand the Bible. In Mathew 13, Jesus spoke to His disciples in parables. When they questioned Him, He said the mystery of the kingdom is given to you and not to them. When Nicodemus humbled himself and went to Jesus by night Jesus did not turn him down. Therefore if you humble yourself and seek understanding it shall be given to you. We can learn from our Lord how to study the Bible. In Luke 24 we read that Jesus began with Moses and all the Prophets and explained to the disciples what was said in all the Scriptures concerning Himself. This shows that Jesus did a topical bible study and studied all the Scriptures. It is good to listen to the word but if we don’t learn to feed ourselves we will eventually starve to death. Take time to study your Bible.
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