This is an insightful 8 video series called "The Genesis Conflict" Series, in which Professor Walter Veith takes you through the commonly held evolution viewpoints and reveals what they are not telling you. With a doctorate in zoology, Veith clearly teaches how you can defend

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     What is The Truth? Where can I find it? How old is the earth? Was there really a flood? What about clean and unclean food? What about the rapture, the second coming and the signs of the times? What is the meaning of all the strange beasts in the Bible? What is the mark of the

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     The devil is executing an in-depth plan to overtake Christ's Kingdom. What does Biblical prophecy have to say about this battle, and how can we avoid participating in Satan's scheme?

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     This series is a call to rekindle the principles of the Reformation and to re-examine the fundamental truths upon which the reformers such as Calvin, Luther, and Zwingli stood.

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  Added a sermon - The World According to Darwin

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     Total Onslaught - the Final Conflict Series. Filmed in 2005, Alberta. The Secret Behind Secret Societies: A look at the origin of secret societies such as the Illuminati, the freemasons, and the Jesuit Order. What constitutes freemasonry? Who are some of its members? What is

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     In an age in which the world is flooded with nutritional misinformation, Dr. Veith gives scientific answers to some of the questions which plague people seeking a healthier lifestyle.

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The World of the Bible